Voluntary Auction

Voluntary auctions refer to auctions whereby the property for sale is offered for sale by its owner on free will. Sale of livestock at trade fairs (ASK shows) is a good example of a voluntary auction. Also disposal of excess assets or scrap assets by organizations and individuals is another example of these auction types. The Auction Method of Marketing is the modern term for voluntary auctions. This is a concept of marketing where organizations and individuals get rid of excess assets quickly. It is a cheap and quick method of disposing excess assets at a fair price guided by the prevailing market forces. This is made possible by the competitive nature of auctions. Prospective bidders assemble and compete against one another for the purchase of the items on sale. The bidding is controlled by the licensed auctioneer appointed by the owner of the goods. To ensure that the property is not purchased at throw-away prices, the seller can always place a reasonable reserve price (the least acceptable price) on the item offered as a condition of sale.

At Upstate Kenya Auctioneers, we have the relevant hands-on experience and knowledge in conducting voluntary auctions. We market the property on sale aggressively through the advertising media to ensure that our valued clients’ get value out of their property. We have a data base of buyers of all kind of property and which comes in handy when opportunity to sell on behalf arises. We have exceeded our clients’ expectations on several occasions.