Private Investigation/Skip Tracing

Private Investigation is an area where you need confidence in the integrity and energy of the agency you engage. Upstate Investments is the private investigator you can trust for fast, efficient and friendly service. Upstate Investments provides private investigation services to law firms, banks, the corporate world as well as to private individual clients. We trace and ascertain the assets belonging to the run away debtor. Our services are vital to the Companies, individuals and Law firms that wish to execute warrants of attachment and warrants of arrest against judgement debtors. We are also of great importance to litigants wishing to serve court processes upon parties whose physical addresses are not known. The many law firms and financial institutions that engage our services can attest to our tracing prowess. We also conduct back ground checks upon employees and prospective employees on behalf of employers who want to eliminate criminal elements amongst the work force. Data verification service another product in private investigations. Many organizations would want to confirm the truth and correctness of any provided data. We are able to cross check data and provide a written report on the same. We conduct company searches at the registrar of companies, vehicles searches at the registrar of motor vehicles, Identity searches at the registrar of persons and land searches at the land registries.

We use the latest investigation gadgets in our operations. These include state of the art video cameras, still cameras and other surveillance equipments. We consistently update our clients of the investigation progress and upon completion of the exercise we provide a comprehensive investigation report complete with photos and images. Our investigation reports have assisted many clients win cases in court. We have also assisted countless clients to execute warrants of attachment of debtors hidden assets. Many run away debtors have also been traced thanks to our services. For investigation services our fees are agreed upfront after our staff have assessed the assignment, the information you have and the information you require.