Execution Of Court Orders

Upstate Kenya Auctioneers is authorized to execute court orders  within Nairobi, Thika, Kiambu, Kajiado and Machakos districts; The court orders include:-

  • Warrants of Attachment of movable property, Warrants of Sale of movable property,
  • Warrant of attachment and sale of immoveable property.
  • We also have powers to execute court eviction orders.

The stated court orders are issued by the court to us through the successful litigants, the Decree holders. As officers of the court, we execute the said court orders with decorum to enhance and preserve the public confidence towards the auction industry and the court. Upstate Kenya auctioneers has the capacity and experience to execute all kinds of court orders in civil matters.

Our main clients in this service are the commercial and civil courts, co-operative tribunals, industrial courts and the rent restriction tribunals. We get assignments from the aforementioned courts through the Advocates of the High Court and their respective law firms.