Court Process Service

Court process service is the act of delivering court documents such as summons, warrants, orders, writs, divorce papers and other court documents to the persons they are legally addressed to. The documents emanate from the courts of law hearing the dispute. Process service is noble service as it is from it that cases are able to progress. For a person to serve and handle the documents, he has to be licensed by the High Court of Kenya. At Upstate Kenya Auctioneers, we possess all the relevant licenses allowing us to serve all kind of court process including statutory notices, divorce papers, summons to enter appearance, notice of entry of judgement, notice to show cause why execution should not issue, eviction notices, writs of seizure e.t.c We serve all legal documents and your other important letters upon the parties to whom they are addressed. This we do as per the legal specifications. We understand that court process service is an integral part in the administration of justice. We thereof execute the process at the shortest time possible bearing in mind that – justice delayed is justice denied. Our team of licensed and experienced court process servers will handle all your assignments with utmost professionalism.

After effecting the service we prepare return of service affidavits that conform to the custom of the courts. We are also available for cross examination before the court should a party served by us raise objection to the service. Our charges for process service are very competitive and are based on the geographical distance from our office to the place where service is to be effected. We maintain a file for every process service assignment for future reference. Our prowess in private investigations is an added advantage to our clients as we are able to trace and serve run away parties and also locate their hidden assets to enhance execution of court orders.