Buying Of Used Assets

Buying of second-hand goods is among the unique services offered by Upstate Kenya Auctioneers.

We buy used assets from private organizations, government departments as well as private citizens and the general public. Changing tastes and fashions, technological advancements and modernization are some of the external forces that will definitely affect organizations. To adapt to these changes organizations and individuals will want to purchase newer assets to remain competitive. As a result organizations and individuals will be faced with the challenge of dispose of their old assets in order to create room for new ones. Upstate Kenya Auctioneers will rescue the situation by buying off the old assets. We offer free advice on the options available to you. Generally there are two options available to assist you do away with the unwanted assets.

We can either buy the assets from you and resell them at our scheduled public auctions or sell the assets on your behalf at a reasonable commission.

In the first option we offer to buy the assets on a willing seller willing buyer basis and on AS IS WHERE IS basis. In the second option we partner with you to sell the goods by public auction on a date to be set by you.

If you choose to sell the items by public auction through us, then you can set the lowest acceptable price for the assets at the auction. The items will be sold to the highest bidder at the auction subject to a reserve price.

Upstate Kenya Auctioneers recommends the auction method of marketing. The method offer quicker way of disposing of assets. We can sell anything at short notice. The auction method also give the fairest price indication of an asset as prospective purchasers compete for the asset. The competitive nature of auctions motivates buyers to compete against one another thereby making it possible for a good price to be achieved.

Naturally, things will grow old and a time will come when they must be replaced. Assets such as office desks, work stations, file cabinets, office chairs, sofa sets, dining sets, wall units, beds e.t.c occupy space and have to be disposed of to create room for their replacements. If you are planning to dispose of your old assets, Upstate Kenya Auctioneers will definitely offer you a platform where you will be able to get a financial return for your valued but unwanted assets. Whatever does not serve you better now might be the excellent choice for another entity. Do not let your old assets rot away in your stores. Upstate Kenya Auctioneers provides a ready and quicker market for the assets.

Some organizations may have more assets than they need. Such a situation will burden the company with costs associated with holding the assets. To reduce the costs, the extra assets must be disposed of. The need for disposing of assets also comes in when organizations or private individuals are shifting to a new and distant location or region where transportation costs for assets would easily exceed their value. It is prudent to sell the assets and carry the money instead!

We buy used office furniture and equipments e.g. office chairs, desks, meeting room tables, workstations, conference tables, office cabinets, desk top computers, printers, photocopiers, scanners, reception seats and sofas, executive rolling chairs e.t.c.

We also buy used household goods such as sofa sets, dining sets, coffee tables and stools, wall units, sideboards, side boards, beds & mattresses, fridges & freezers, gas cookers, carpets, wardrobes & dressing tables e.t.c.